Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Nail Colors: How Bright Is Too Bright?

     Everyone loves a punchy, attention-grabbing manicure when the weather gets hot outside, and I'm no exception. After all, they say nail polish is just as important an accessory as jewelry or a handbag. But when it comes to the color spectrum, where do we draw the line between "notice me" and "ouch, blinding!"?


Dior Vernis in Cabaret Pink is a sweet pink that borders coral. It's one of my favorite Dior nail colors. It's great for shopping on the town or lunch with friends, but only in the daytime. (Photo credit:

CND's Poppyfield has a fun reddish orange hue that's perfect for the beach or any outdoor event. I would not advise wearing this anytine other than between the months of May and August. (Photo credit:

POP Beauty Nail Glam in Yellow...My friends, I think the picture above speaks for itself. The only person I can think of who would ever wear it is probably Lady Gaga. (Photo credit: 

     Fortunately, I have never stepped into the neon zone (which may not neccessarily be a good thing; I tend to shy away from anything bolder than the conventional pinks and pale metallics), but I've witnessed many people who have. To put it simply, it made me want to cringe and grab my sunglasses. The lesson to be learned? As with everything in life, nail color should maintain a balance between fun and sophisticated.

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